Paper Quality & Your Feedback

We wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for their constant flow of feedback on our papers.  We work very closely with our mill partners to make sure that these papers are consistent in their quality and your feedback - positive and negative - helps the mills to make better paper.  

Papermaking is a lot more than turning on a machine and watching it go.  From large, high speed machines, to slower centuries old cylinder mould machines, papermaking is a skill and an art.  The dedicated people who make our papers appreciate the time you take to let us know how these papers are working for you, and so do we.  

So when we hear that something "isn't folding as well as it used to" or "what changed on this paper so that it prints so much better now?", know that your feedback is heard by our team and discussed with the papermakers themselves.

So here's a Thank You to our customers for helping keep up the high quality of our papers!