Future Conference at the Stationery Show

If you'll be attending the National Stationery Show in May (and who won't), you won't want to miss the Future Conference on May 20th at 8pm.

The third annual Future Conference will take a “TEDTalks” format. Each speaker will talk for 20-30 minutes and offer her perspective on significant forces impacting the social stationery industry: marketing to Generation Y; the intersection of technology and paper; the critical role design plays in product development and consumer impact; and the importance of the web as a promotional outlet. 

Speakers include:
  • Kelly Ricker, Executive Director of Product Development, American Greetings
  • Katherine Rosman, Feature Reporter, The Wall Street Journal
  • Elizabeth Bailey Weil, Owner Paperwheel Press and Head of Culture and Brand Experience, Twitter, Inc.
  • Rachel V. Ivey, VP of Creative & Product Development, Crane & Company

Register for this event here.