About Pergamenata

    Parchment. Metallic. Semi-translucent. These are words that traditionally don’t go together when describing a single paper. Pergamenata Pearl, however, is a paper that defies tradition. It is a unique mix of old and new, traditional and modern created by adding a metallic sheen to the existing range Pergamenata Parchment.

    The Pearl collection is completely unique with a cloudy effect that imitates ancient parchment and a metallic pearlescence not usually associated with papers of this kind. The result is a one of a kind paper that produces startlingly striking visual results.

    Pergamenata Pearl is FSC certified, made with ECF pulp, and manufactured with no transparency enhancing agents.

    Pergamenata Parchment is available in 2 shades and 3 weights (110gsm, 160gsm & 230gsm). Pergamenata Pearl is available in three colors and three weights (115gsm, 165gsm, 235gsm). The range is ideal for bespoke publications, art printings, prestigious certifications, stationery and announcements.



  • Made in Italy
  • Neutral pH
  • 100% Sulphite
  • Parchment Paper
  • Bianco & Natural (110gsm, 160gsm, 230gsm)
  • Ice, Silver & Bronze (115gsm, 165gsm, 235gsm)