About Legion Bamboo

    We're proud to add bamboo to our broad - and growing - line of eco-friendly papers.  Legion Bamboo is ideal for all printing techniques including offset, engraving, foil stamping, embossing and, of course, letterpress.  The paper has a luxurious finish and is available in a 105gsm text, 265gsm cover, 535gsm double thick sheet as well as a full line of matching envelopes.

    Bamboo joins papers made from cotton, hemp, kozo, mulberry and others in our effort to offer the widest-possible selection of tree-free alternatives in letterpress papers.  Bamboo is a highly renewable resource and is the fastest growing plant on earth.  In some cases bamboo can grow three to four feet per day - without the need for fertilizers, pesticides or very much water.  

    As much as anyone, we understand that no paper is perfectly "green" and that different people have different definitions of "eco-friendly".  We are not here to "greenwash" nor to preach.  We encourage you to do your homework and decide which paper is best for you.