Our Eco-Friendly Philosophy

(or "what do you mean recycled isn't always the best choice?")

This is usually the place where paper sites show a stock image of a wind turbine, a dewy leaf or maybe the ubiquitous recycle symbol.  While we're not opposed to a pretty picture, we're taking a more pragmatic approach.

There is no one best solution for eco-friendly paper.  There are, however, a lot of different things that can be done to reduce a paper's impact on the environment.  Our goal is to present our customers with as much information as we can and let you decide for yourself which paper meets your requirements.

To show what GREEN means to us, we've developed five categories we feel best represent the key environmental factors that are important to our customers. Alternative Energy, Chlorine-Free, Handmade Papers, Mill Certification and Tree-Free. Using these five categories helps to identify those products which meet your expectations for environmental responsibility. 

Here are two articles we've written (they appear in Stationery Trends magazine):

The Green Room: Alternative Fibers

The Green Room: Papermakers Doing Their Part

Disagree with anything in these articles?  Let us know about it.  Our philosophy in this area is evolving and if we've gotten something wrong we'd love to hear about it and share the information.