Tour de Lead Graffiti

Delaware-based Lead Graffiti came up with an awesome project built around the Tour de France and printed on Somerset Textured.

In their words:

We will watch each stage of the Tour de France, look for usable moments or incidents or comments, go to lunch (we have a number of guest printers joining in and we want to give them a chance to add their ideas to the day's poster), get started on how to represent the stage using wood & metal type, wood or linoleum cuts, and objects related to cycling that are usable for the 15" x 22" poster.

The Tour de France has 21 stages and 2 rest days that we will interpret. In addition, we'll produce a portfolio title page, a page that will describe what we were thinking for the images during each stage and what the image / layouts were taken from, and a colophon page listing the physical elements of the project, who did what, etc. We will also have guest participants who will contribute to the process in various ways. All who are involved will sign the poster they are involved in.

Now to see if we can keep up with our 12- to 18-hour days for 23 consecutive days.