Exploring Bamboo

We came across this post from Dingbat Press about experimenting with new papers.  They tested out the new Legion Bamboo and found it to take their letterpress impression beautifully.  

The photography on the site is gorgeous.  In fact, they might want to consider offering their services as a letterpress photographer because they really capture the beauty of their designs.

Campbell Raw Press

Brooklyn-based husband and wife team Maggie Campbell and Matt Raw have been churning out gorgeous letterpress creations for just a few years but have already become favorites of ours.  Maggie's been studying bookbinding for over 15 years but only recently took her gig full time.

Their recently created 2011 calendars are gorgeous.  Of the one shown to the right, they say:  

From the binding, to the handwritten lettering, to the intricate vine drawings in the background, this was a labor of love, from start to finish. Each calendar is covered with Japanese silkscreened paper (a.k.a. chiyogami) and bound by hand in a Coptic stitch (knotted, visible stitching that lies flat when open) with waxed chocolate brown Irish linen thread. 

With one month per page, 2 blank pages follow every 2 months (perfect for making notes of birthdays, holidays, appointments, etc.). The background of the pages features different sections of a drawing of Maggie's: a delicate and intricate layered pattern of vines, printed in two soft tones of yellow-y, spring green. The handwritten months are laid over the green background in a chocolate brown ink, and the entire piece was letterpress printed by hand on heavy, soft white [Legion] bamboo stock.

Legion Bamboo featured in Paper Specs

This month's edition of Paper Specs included a feature on Legion Bamboo titled "The Score:  Bamboo 1, Landfill 0".  

Here's the first paragraph.  Read the rest here.

As designers, we are always looking for new and unique ways of expressing ourselves, whether it’s in the form of a thank you letter, wedding invitation, annual report or product packaging.  The challenge is to find something that is not only different, but is at the forefront of a trend. It was about this time last year that the folks at Legion Paper were posed with such a challenge by their customers: “We want a deluxe paper that is eco-friendly, but speck-free; natural, but luxurious; accepts all forms of printing, and while you’re at it throw in a complete line of matching envelopes.” The result was Legion Bamboo, and there’s nothing else like this on the market....

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