A Dingbat Valentine

We've seen a LOT of great Valentine's Day cards this year and we don't like to play favorites.  But these great cards from Idaho's Dingbat Press are the ones our significant others will be receiving this year.  From the geek-chic Star Trek/Star Wars cards to the "Love Goes On and On" we're eating what Adrienne's cooking.  

The card aboe is printed on Arturo Celadon.  Check out her use of some of the other Arturo colors here.

Exploring Bamboo

We came across this post from Dingbat Press about experimenting with new papers.  They tested out the new Legion Bamboo and found it to take their letterpress impression beautifully.  

The photography on the site is gorgeous.  In fact, they might want to consider offering their services as a letterpress photographer because they really capture the beauty of their designs.