Lunchbox Notes

Kelly McMahon, from Mayday Studio in Montpelier, VT, came by on Friday with Shelley from Albertine Press (see prev. post) with to talk paper, printing and about a top secret upcoming project to be unveiled in May.

One of the things that came up was how well Kelly found Coventry Rag to fold, especially for a heavier 300gsm paper.  In our dream, Kelly then volunteered to quit her job and spend sixty hours a week being a copywriter for this site and the forthcoming new version of

So to kick off the week, check out these great Lunchbox Notes created by Mayday on Coventry Rag.  These 3x3 cards are perfect as gift cards.  Or, for those of us who spoil their children with paper goods because we're in the biz, actual lunchboxes.  (Can't you just feel the jealousy in the lunchroom?!  "Is that an actual letterpressed card?  I'll trade you my lunch for it!")

Coventry Rag can be found here, here, here, here, here and anywhere else you can find gorgeous, well-folding cotton papers.