52 Weeks of Mail

Logo by Honizukle Press52 Weeks of Mail is an awesome project started by Etsy to "encourage people to be more intentional about relationships and keeping in touch with friends and family by sending out a card or letter each week, for the next year."

What can be bad about that?  Who doesn't like to see a handwritten card in the mailbox amongst all the junk mail and bills?!

Spread the happiness, everyone!  Starting October 9.

Creative Mornings

Creative Mornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types.   Think of it as a local morning mini-conference and inspirational community boost before work. Nothing fancy, just good people and a great talk by a guest lecturer. 

Free events are held in 16 (and counting) cities around the world.  In the US, the lineup included NY, Chicago, Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta and Seattle.

National Stationery Show - Days Two and Thr...never mind

We were all set to post some photos and reviews and shout outs and all of that...and then we read the six-part recap on Oh So Beautiful Paper and figured we'd never do as good as job as Nole did.  Carry on and pay them a visit.

We'd just like to say it was fantastic meeting so many of you - nearly 90 of our customers were there!  We saw amazing work by far too many talented people to list here all at once.  We saw old friends and made a whole bunch of new ones.  We had some great meals and lots of drinks and are looking forward to seeing you all again soon.


National Stationery Show - Day One

As we finally kick off our shoes and relax after day one, we realized three things: 

  1. We're overwhelmed by (and grateful for) how many of you came by our booth (#1574) to say hi and see what's new
  2. We didn't get a chance to walk around nearly as much as we hoped.  There's always tomorrow.
  3. The Recipe Card project had a big buzz around the show.  We can't thank Amber Ellis-Seguine of Flywheel Press and Marc Schotland (Legion Paper Director of Marketing) enough for putting it all together, not to mention the other 14 ridiculously talented printers who contributed their work.

We did manage to make it one or two full aisles so far.  Among others, we saw amazing work by some of the Recipe Project contributors. Check it out:

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What's Cookin'

We're proud of our collaboration with 15 letterpress printers and designers on a project to promote the art of letterpress printing.  We hand-selected a different paper for each printer who was on their own to design and print a recipe card to be part of a set that can be collected at the show.  Amber Ellis-Seguine of Flywheel Press was the mastermind behind this project and, somehow, made it all happen in time for the show.

The cards were all amazing.  We were totally blown away and we're sure you will be too.

Have a look for yourself

NY Gift Show

Just got back from an icy trip to the NY nt'l Gift Fair where I saw some fantastic work from Albertine Press, Smudge Ink and Pistachio Press.  

Albertine, fresh off an appearance in Martha Stewart Living, had some amazing card sets with covers that I'd want to keep after I used the cards...Smudge was showing a wide range of cards, many of them on Arturo...and Pistachio had a great booth with calendars, cards and their wedding album.

It was great to see them all and we're looking forward to seeing them again in May.

Unique LA

The 3rd Annual UNIQUE LA Holiday Show hits Dec 11+12, 2010!
The largest independent design show in the country, attendees get the rare chance to meet and shop directly from over 300 hand-selected designers and artists, including some of our favorite SoCal letterpress printers.

On top of shopping the wide variety of offerings, the event boasts many exciting Extras & Amenities, including free workshops, an eco lounge, and two cafes featuring some of LA’s best restaurants and gourmet food trucks.

LA Printers Fair

Even with ALL of the trade shows that our company attends, walk’s through, exhibits at, etc. we will definitely be adding this small and local event to our annual to-do list.  Suits were not allowed…briefcases shunned, cell phones...well, tough to get rid of those, right?  All that was required was a passion to print and an excitement for people to show the final results of their hard work.

The L.A. Printer’s Show was held half in the actual museum and the other half flowed out into their parking lot where (thank goodness) they had an enormous tent for all of outside exhibitors to escape the dreaded sun and crazy heat that So. Ca. went through (110+ degrees!)  Legion Paper (our mother ship) proudly shared a large table’s worth of our ever popular Letterpress Paper Selections paper sampler that contained labeled pieces of our Arturo, Bamboo, Stardream, Coventry Rag, Somerset, Sorbet, Rising Museum Board, and many more. 

We met students.  We saw old friends & customers who either came by to say hello or were also displaying their work and what their companies offered.  And, the one thing that everyone had in common on this hot day in September was the true passion for the art of the print.

Nice job, L.A. Printing Museum.  See you next year.