National Stationery Show - Day One

As we finally kick off our shoes and relax after day one, we realized three things: 

  1. We're overwhelmed by (and grateful for) how many of you came by our booth (#1574) to say hi and see what's new
  2. We didn't get a chance to walk around nearly as much as we hoped.  There's always tomorrow.
  3. The Recipe Card project had a big buzz around the show.  We can't thank Amber Ellis-Seguine of Flywheel Press and Marc Schotland (Legion Paper Director of Marketing) enough for putting it all together, not to mention the other 14 ridiculously talented printers who contributed their work.

We did manage to make it one or two full aisles so far.  Among others, we saw amazing work by some of the Recipe Project contributors. Check it out:

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