LA Printers Fair

Even with ALL of the trade shows that our company attends, walk’s through, exhibits at, etc. we will definitely be adding this small and local event to our annual to-do list.  Suits were not allowed…briefcases shunned, cell phones...well, tough to get rid of those, right?  All that was required was a passion to print and an excitement for people to show the final results of their hard work.

The L.A. Printer’s Show was held half in the actual museum and the other half flowed out into their parking lot where (thank goodness) they had an enormous tent for all of outside exhibitors to escape the dreaded sun and crazy heat that So. Ca. went through (110+ degrees!)  Legion Paper (our mother ship) proudly shared a large table’s worth of our ever popular Letterpress Paper Selections paper sampler that contained labeled pieces of our Arturo, Bamboo, Stardream, Coventry Rag, Somerset, Sorbet, Rising Museum Board, and many more. 

We met students.  We saw old friends & customers who either came by to say hello or were also displaying their work and what their companies offered.  And, the one thing that everyone had in common on this hot day in September was the true passion for the art of the print.

Nice job, L.A. Printing Museum.  See you next year.