OK, One More

I keep promising that I won't get sucked into blogging about all of the amazing calendars we're coming across but I couldn't not show this one (even if it means using a double-negative).  This calendar, by Lizard Press in San Francisco, was printed on Kitakata handmade (and tree-free) paper - only 30gsm. (Samples available here)

In their words:  

The Lizard Press artists' calendar los santos obvidados is a remembrance not only for the saints removed from the Roman Catholic General Calendar in the revisions of the 1960’s, but also for all those who do peaceful saintly deeds for their spiritual beliefs, not for the notoriety. 

Each month features a well-known, but displaced saint, represented with an iconic image. Their feast day is noted by a palm leaf, a symbol of victory.

The calendar is a linear one, recognizing that time is continuous and repetitive, but for daily reference, outlines are supplied for the Sundays.