Arturo Fine Stationery Size Chart

Arturo is a complete range of single cards, folded cards and envelopes.  All sizes are available in the full complement of eight colors, with the exception of the squares which are available in white and softwhite only.

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400SCCalling Card2.5 x 3.75

500SCReply Card5.12 x 3.35

5SQSCSquare Reply Card5.25 x 5.25

550MCMonarch Card3.875 x 7.25

600SCInvitation Card6.69 x 4.53

6SQSCSquare Invitation Card6.25 x 6.25

650TCTea Length Card4.125 x 9.125

700SCGrande Invitation Card7.88 x 5.88

7SQSCSquare Grande Invitation Card7 x 7

Arturo Folded Cards

ItemDescriptionSize (unfolded)

400PCPlace Card3.937 x 3.937

500LCReply Card5.12 x 6.7

5SQLCSquare Reply Card5.25 x 10.5

600ACAlbum Folded Card4.53 x 13.39

600LCInvitation Card6.69 x 9.05

6SQLCSquare Invitation Card6.25 x 12.5

700LCGrande Invitation Card7.88 x 11.75

750GCGate Fold Card7.88 x 12.06

Arturo Envelopes


400EPlace Card Envelope2.75 x 4

500EReply Card Envelope3.54 x 5.51

550EMonarch Card Envelope4.125 x 7.5

5SQESquare Reply Envelope5.5 x 5.5

600EInvitation Envelope4.72 x 7.09

650ETea Length Envelope4.375 x 9.375

6SQESquare Invitation Envelope6.5 x 6.5

700EGrande Invitation Envelope6.13 x 8.38

700EWGGrande Invitation Env. (unglued)6.13 x 8.38

7SQIESquare Grande Invitation Inner Env.7.25 x 7.25

7SQIEWGSquare Grande Invitation Inner Envelope (unglued)7.25 x 7.25

7SQESquare Grande Invitation Env.7.5 x 7.5

800EGrande Invitation Outer Env.6.38 x 8.63

900ELetter Envelope4.33 x 8.66