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Arturo Fine Stationery Size Chart

Arturo is a complete range of single cards, folded cards and envelopes.  All sizes are available in the full complement of eight colors, with the exception of the squares which are available in white and softwhite only.

Please visit our Arturo resellers for pricing and availability.

Item Description Size
400SC Calling Card 2.5 x 3.75
500SC Reply Card 5.12 x 3.35
5SQSC Square Reply Card 5.25 x 5.25
550MC Monarch Card 3.875 x 7.25
600SC Invitation Card 6.69 x 4.53
6SQSC Square Invitation Card 6.25 x 6.25
650TC Tea Length Card 4.125 x 9.125
700SC Grande Invitation Card 7.88 x 5.88
7SQSC Square Grande Invitation Card 7 x 7
Arturo Folded Cards
Item Description Size (unfolded)
400PC Place Card 3.937 x 3.937
500LC Reply Card 5.12 x 6.7
5SQLC Square Reply Card 5.25 x 10.5
600AC Album Folded Card 4.53 x 13.39
600LC Invitation Card 6.69 x 9.05
6SQLC Square Invitation Card 6.25 x 12.5
700LC Grande Invitation Card 7.88 x 11.75
750GC Gate Fold Card 7.88 x 12.06
Arturo Envelopes
Item Description Size
400E Place Card Envelope 2.75 x 4
500E Reply Card Envelope 3.54 x 5.51
550E Monarch Card Envelope 4.125 x 7.5
5SQE Square Reply Envelope 5.5 x 5.5
600E Invitation Envelope 4.72 x 7.09
650E Tea Length Envelope 4.375 x 9.375
6SQE Square Invitation Envelope 6.5 x 6.5
700E Grande Invitation Envelope 6.13 x 8.38
700EWG Grande Invitation Env. (unglued) 6.13 x 8.38
7SQIE Square Grande Invitation Inner Env. 7.25 x 7.25
7SQIEWG Square Grande Invitation Inner Envelope (unglued) 7.25 x 7.25
7SQE Square Grande Invitation Env. 7.5 x 7.5
800E Grande Invitation Outer Env. 6.38 x 8.63
900E Letter Envelope 4.33 x 8.66


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