Strathmore Impress

Since 1892, the Strathmore name has been associated with the finest, American-made printing and writing papers. New Strathmore Impress builds on that legacy. Made from 100% pure cotton fiber, Strathmore Impress sets a new standard for beautiful letterpress, engraving, offset and digital printing. Available in two shades of white and two subtle colors carefully selected to meet the creative needs of traditional social correspondence and the freshest new design.


  • 100% Cotton
  • Neutral pH
  • Acid Free
  • Matching Envelopes available
  • 104lb Cover with digital i-Tone finish
  • 118lb Cover with digital i-Tone finish
  • 236lb DTC
  • Unique soft finish
  • Made carbon neutral
  • Made with windpower
  • Machinemade in USA
        1-2 Pkg 3+ Pkgs  
Color Weight Size Shts/Pkg $/sht $/sht  
Light Gray 118C 20x26 25 $1.50/sht $0.99/sht
Light Gray 118C 22x30 25 $1.65/sht $1.09/sht
Light Gray 118C 23x35 25 $2.50/sht $1.65/sht
Light Gray 118C 8.5x11 125 $0.29/sht $0.19/sht
Light Pink 118C 20x26 25 $1.50/sht $0.99/sht
Light Pink 118C 22x30 25 $1.65/sht $1.09/sht
Light Pink 118C 23x35 25 $2.00/sht $1.32/sht
Light Pink 118C 8.5x11 125 $0.29/sht $0.19/sht
Soft White 118C 20x26 25 $1.50/sht $0.99/sht
Soft White 118C 22x30 25 $1.85/sht $1.22/sht
Soft White 118C 26x40 25 $2.60/sht $1.72/sht
Soft White 104C 18x12 125 $0.50/sht $0.33/sht
Soft White 118C 8.5x11 125 $0.33/sht $0.22/sht
Soft White 236C 26x20 10 $3.25/sht $2.44/sht
Soft White 236C 8.5x11 50 $0.60/sht $0.45/sht
Ultimate White 118C 20x26 25 $1.60/sht $1.06/sht
Ultimate White 118C 22x30 25 $1.75/sht $1.16/sht
Ultimate White 118C 23x35 25 $1.65/sht $1.09/sht
Ultimate White 118C 26x40 25 $2.50/sht $1.65/sht
Ultimate White 104C 18x12 125 $0.33/sht $0.22/sht
Ultimate White 118C 8.5x11 125 $0.33/sht $0.22/sht
Ultimate White 236C 26x20 10 $3.25/sht $2.44/sht
Ultimate White 236C 8.5 x 11 50 $0.60/sht $0.45/sht