Red & Pink Papers


  • Weights from from 120gsm to 330gsm
  • All papers available in a Sampler
  • All papers sold in 25 sheet packages
  • Many of these papers also available here and here
  • Contact us for volume discounts
Red & Pink Sheets
    25 Sheets per Package
Grade Color Size Weight Price  
Reds & Pinks Sampler 3.5 x 5 25 shts $1.50
  Arturo Pale Pink 25x38 120gsm $2.70/sht
  Arturo Pale Pink 25x38 260gsm $4.47/sht
  Arturo Red 25x38 135gsm $1.00/sht
  Aurora Rose 28x40 120gsm $1.00/sht
  Colorscope Candy Pink 25x38 135gsm $1.00/sht
  Colorscope Candy Pink 25x38 270gsm $1.98/sht
  Colorscope Bright Red 25x38 135gsm $1.00/sht
  Colorscope Scarlet 25x38 135gsm $1.07/sht
  Colorscope Scarlet 25x38 270gsm $1.70/sht
  Curious Metallics Inferno 27.5x39.3 250gsm $2.00/sht
  Curious Metallics Red Lacquer 27.5x39.3 120gsm $1.5/sht
  Curious Metallics Red Lacquer 27.5x39.3 300gsm $2.89/sht
  Curious Skin Pink 27.5x39.4 135gsm $1.83/sht
  Curious Skin Pink 27.5x39.4 270gsm $4.27/sht
  Curious Skin Red 27.5x39.4 135gsm $1.83/sht
  Curious Skin Red 27.5x39.4 270gsm $4.27/sht
  Elle Erre Rosa 19.5x27.5 220gsm $1.62/sht
  Malmero Vermilion 28x40 250gsm $2.49/sht
  Mirricard Pink 39.3x27.5 270gsm $5.34/sht
  Mirricard Red 39.3x27.5 270gsm $5.34/sht
  Plike Pink 28x40 140gsm $2.10/sht
  Plike Pink 28x40 330gsm $4.90/sht
  Plike Red 28x40 330gsm $4.90/sht
  Sorbet Watermelon 28x40 135gsm $1.00/sht
  Sorbet Watermelon 28x40 270gsm $1.93/sht