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Grey Papers - click thumbnails to enlarge
    25 Sheets per Package
Grade  Color Size Weight Price  
  Arturo Stone Gray 25x38 260gsm $3.66/sht
  Colorplan Cool Grey 25x38 270gsm $1.98/sht
  Colorplan Dark Grey 25x38 270gsm $1.98/sht
  Colorplan Real Grey 25x38 270gsm $1.98/sht
  Colorplan Smoke 25x38 270gsm $1.98/sht
  Curious Metallics Galvanized 27.5x39.3 250gsm $2.95/sht
  Curious Metallics Shadow 27.5x39.3 300gsm $2.95/sht
  Curious Skin Stone 27.5x39.4 270gsm $2.95/sht
Grey Papers - Available Through Resellers
Grade  Color Size Weight  
  Arturo Stone Gray 25x38 260gsm
  Bockingford Grey 30x22 300gsm
  Pescia Grey 22x30 300gsm
  Somerset Velvet Newsprint Grey 22x30 250gsm
  Somerset Velvet Newsprint Grey 30x44 280gsm
  Stonehenge Pale Grey 22x30 250gsm
  Stonehenge Steel Grey 22x30 250gsm


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